Log Home Inspection Service

Log Home Inspection Service + Log Condition Reports

Thinking about purchasing a log home, but you are not sure what to look for?   Cabin & Timber provides log home pre purchase inspections that help save thousands of dollars of unexpected costs for first time log home buyers who are not familiar with log construction. 

The log home inspection reports give details about species, age, construction style, insect activity, water damage, mold/fungus growth, rodent damage, dry rot, exterior + interior finish status, typical fail points for the style, air leaks, product compatibilities, structural integrity and product histories.  The report includes photos as well as repair + restoration recommendations specific to log homes. 

Our log home inspection reports have been used by customers filing an insurance claim, and by insurance adjusters paying claims. 

Log homeowners who are contemplating a remodel can use the log condition report to help their general contractor make remodel plans. 

The log home analysis has been used by homeowners and commercial operators who have concerns regarding the integrity of their log building, and are making long-term maintenance plans.

Museums, heritage foundations, and log construction schools have also used the log building analysis to conserve their exhibits and to study ways of preserving the exhibits long into the future.

Cabin & Timber log home condition reports are a great source of information for persons who are not familiar with log construction.  We have been in the log home restoration business since 1996. Each of the log buildings pictured on these pages has been the subject of a Cabin & Timber log home inspection and condition report. 

Purchasing a log home is a HUGE expense.  Use the Cabin & Timber log home inspection service to make long-term maintenance plans, and to save thousands of dollars on potential contingencies.  Please call or email to learn more, and to schedule a site visit.