Sold Inventory

Sold Inventory

Size: 21 X 20
Constructed: 1940
Levels: Finnish sauna
Misc: Hand Scribed, Handhewn, Full Dovetail, Pine & Aspen Logs

Size: 11 x 16
Constructed: 1889
Levels: One Story, 2 rooms, log dividing wall
Misc: Jig cut-full dovetail corners The Aho sauna is made of all Red cedar and served double duty as a smoke house. The log dividing wall is dovetailed mortice into the 16 foot length.

Size: 20 X 30
Constructed: 1875
Levels: story and a half
Misc: red oak logs,  8 X 8 oak floor joists

Size: 11 x 17 (187 square feet)
Constructed: 1930's
Levels: One
Misc: Two Room, Full Scribe, Handhewn, Red Pine, Tamarack, Stick Frame Dividing Wall

Size: 15 x 23
Constructed: 1931
Levels:  One Floor
Misc: Partial scribe, Saddle notch, aspen logs

Size: 18 X 38
Constructed: 1903
Levels: two story
Misc: red cedar, aspen, white pine, hand hewn, square lap corner, second level added in 1916

Size: 21 x 16 with an 8 x 11 front porch
Constructed: 1940
Levels: One story
Misc: 6" Diameter Spruce Logs, Large opening for Stone Fireplace, Solid Core Front Door

Size: 14 x 23
Constructed: 1916
Levels: 2 rooms
Misc: hand hewn, full scribe, smokehouse/sauna

Size: 19 x 17
Constructed: 1865
Levels: One and a Half
Misc: Chink style construction, unique red elm, 6x6 hand hewn red elm floor joists

Size: 21 x 24
Constructed: 1899
Levels: one room
Misc: full dovetail, red pine - aspen, loft

Size: 17 X 25 (850 square feet)
Constructed: 1900
Levels: full two story
Misc: 100% hand hewn cedar, jig perfect full locking dovetail corner joinery, full log gables, second level log floor joist

Size: 30 x 72
Constructed: 1895
Levels: One with hay loft
Misc: Sawn 8X8 Post and Beam, Red and White Oak, Wide Plank Aspen Boards

Size: 20 x 30
Constructed: 1910
Levels: 2 room & loft
Misc: hand-hewn red pine, hand scribed, square corners, full dovetail corners

Size: 20 x 30
Constructed: 1862 Civil War Era Construction
Levels: Two story
Misc: Handhewn, Chinked Style, White Pine

Size: twin barns each 26 X 28 (728 square feet each 1456 total)
Constructed: circa 1910
Levels: reassembled as one level each
Misc: Hand hewn, full scribe, square lap notch, red pine, white pine, tamarack

Size: 36 x 32
Constructed: 1929
Levels: Can convert into a modern 2 story home
Misc: Hand hewn, fully scribed, dairy barn, red pine - tamarack

Size: 19 x 32
Constructed: 1907
Levels: Two story
Misc: Full Log Gabel, Lap Joinery, Heavy Log Purlein Roof System, Antique Wood Flooring

Size: 24 x 32
Constructed: 1952
Levels: 2 Bedroom, one bath, one floor
Misc: Vertical Log, cedar

Size: 20 x 22
Constructed: 1900
Levels: One Room
Misc: Hand-hewn, hand scribed, massive square logs, exposed end lap joinery, red & white pine

Size: 18 X 25 (450 square feet)
Constructed: 1930
Levels: one story
Misc: Hand peeled round log, partial scribe with chinking, saddle notch, red and white pine, red cedar

Size: 12 x 12
Constructed: 1925
Levels: One room one floor
Misc: Hand scribed saddle notch, spruce

Size: 42 x 33
Constructed: 1908
Levels: 2 story hay barn
Misc: hand hewn, unspliced virgin red/white pine

Size: 36 x 32
Constructed: 1974
Levels:  3 bed, 2 bath,
Misc: vaulted ceiling, pine, square milled logs

Size: 10 x 15 (150 square feet)
Constructed: 1870
Levels: One Story
Misc: Hand hewn red oak, mortice and tennon joinery

Size: 18 x 30
Constructed: 1898
Levels: 2 Floors
Misc: Hand hewn & scribed, square tamarack logs, lap joint corners

Size: 43 X 66 and 26 X 20 (4740 square feet)
Constructed: 1936
Levels: two story with attached log carriage house
Misc: Hand hewn, american chestnut, wormy chestnut, oak, chinked style, dovetail joinery

Size: 20 x 24
Constructed: 1919
Levels: One room
Misc: hand scribed red/white pine, saddle notches

Size: 10 X 14 (140 square feet)
Constructed: 1910
Levels: one story
Misc: Hand hewn flat log, full scribe, red cedar and spruce, log cross ties in ceiling, flush square lap joinery

45,000 Board Feet, premium grade logs, dense tight grain, average butt diameter 20", average tip diameter 11", average length 50ft.

This rare and fragile resource was blown down in a giant storm at the edge of The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. If it were not for the storm, it would have been impossible to get permission to harvest this vanishing resource. These are the original logs that settlers would have used for their hewing projects.