Sold Inventory

Size: 43 X 66 and 26 X 20 (4740 square feet)
Constructed: 1936
Levels: two story with attached log carriage house
Misc: Hand hewn, american chestnut, wormy chestnut, oak, chinked style, dovetail joinery

The Thayer Lodge is a 4740 square foot hunting lodge that was originally constructed in 1936 high atop a ridge overlooking Charleston, West Virginia. The man who commissioned the lodge was Dr. Cannady - the founder of Charleston General Hospital. In addition to Dr. Cannady, West Virginia Governor Holt also lived in the lodge for a brief period while the executive mansion was being restored. The ridge top location of the lodge, as well as its copper shingle roof, turned the whole building into a veritable lightning rod during summer storms. The lightning strikes, and first hand reports of ghost sightings from the lodges last reclusive resident, Mrs. Elma Smith Thayer (who lived there from 1981 to 1995) lead to the local belief that the lodge was haunted.

The lodge is now fully disassembled, marked and stored in a warehouse just outside of Charleston. The two-story lodge has 7 bedrooms, and an attached log carriage house. The great room has a cathedral ceiling with large, exposed log trusses and balconies on both ends. The antique windows, red wood shutters and black iron strapped doors have also been salvaged.