Work Examples

lincolnabbott01.jpgThis Cabin & Timber project was completed in four separate phases spanning 8 years of time and involving four buildings. The initial focus of restoration was the original log cabin and its accompanying log bunkhouse. Work on both of these buildings included removing and replacing rotten logs, hand sanding and refinishing the exteriors, chinking the exteriors, lifting the bunkhouse and installing a new foundation under it, constructing field stone staircases, re glazing all windows, constructing and installing new brass window screening on all windows and doors, painting the interior, restoring the original wooden doors, and installing new period correct copper gutters. Work on the boat house included lifting the building, installing a new foundation under it, installing drain tile around the foundation and removing replacing the shingles. Work on the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired main house included mold remediation, removing and replacing the entire flooring system (including decking, carpeting and a custom walnut parquet) as well as painting the interior.

lincolnabbott02.jpg lincolnabbott03.jpg