Work Examples

mapleriverbridge01.jpgThis Cabin & Timber project spanned four years and consisted of replacing a failed 100 foot long private bridge on the Maple River. Beginning with the early 1900’s and moving toward today, the site has hosted three prior bridge crossings, all of which were subsequently wiped out by flood waters and ice. To remove floods and ice from the equation; we constructed an all steel, clear span, 110 foot superstructure that sits elevated 1 foot higher than the 500 year flood plain. Using blueprints originally intended for WWII era county bridges we created a treated wood foundation held together with 40 foot wooden pilings, steel cable and anchored to a series of three “dead-man” earth anchors. These wooden foundations were then filled with over a thousand cubic yards of compacted earth. The steel beams used in the super structure weigh 48,730lbs and were salvaged from an interstate overpass. The beams were cut to size, drilled, bolted into a new configuration and then lifted into place with a crane. This work was conducted year round with various stages specifically targeted to be done during winter months when spring floods were not a construction obstacle.

mapleriverbridge02.jpg mapleriverbridge03.jpg mapleriverbridge04.jpg